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Inspiration: You Inspire me to work hard, even though times are tough.


Trust: I have full faith and trust in you, that you’ll never let us down.


Calmness: Your voice is extremely soothing and calming.


Youthfulness: You are becoming more and more beautiful every second.


Cheerfulness: It is your most obvious personality trait. 


Energetic: You might not be the best dancer, but you have an energy which lightens up the stage.


Passion: Your passion for your fans ,singing, performing, the colour pink and a lot of things.

Stephanie Hwang, 

You will probably never get to read this, but even if there was the littlest chance, I want you to know that, You’re Perfect in my eyes, Your voice is beautiful. You don’t need to go out of the way to impress your fans. We love you the way you are. We know you care about us a lot.

You have been through a lot of thick and thin but you were strong. I Respect you a lot because of that.   

A person who filled my life and others with colours, deserves all the happiness in their lives too. 

Stay healthy and happy.

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y


08.01.14 - Happy Birthday to Brighter than gems, Tiffany!

You are one of a kind. I am lucky that from the moment i saw Girls’ Generation 6 years ago, you caught my attention. I regret nothing. I am so grateful that i’ve met such a great person like you though i haven’t seen you in person yet but i know deep down in my soul, we will someday. Thank you for sharing you talents and that wonderful smile of yours. You are loved by many for so many reasons. I wish you all the best in life, especially with your relationship with Nichkhun because you deserve to have a nice guy that will love you and take care of you my angel. I am always here for you. You did a great job in your career and in your life. Please do tale care of yourself and get some rest. Seeing you happy is my happiness. I love you so much. Thank you for being my motivation in life and my inspiration. You’ve worked hard enough to deserve all the blessings you have received.  

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